Peter wrote, “who are kept by the power of God through faith for salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.” 1 Peter 1:5.
To answer when is the last time and Jesus’ revelation with His angels coming on the clouds so that every eye shall see,, the following is copied from Benson’s Commentary which I believe he wrote in the 1700s. He did not subscribe to the idea that Jesus has already returned the second time as the 70ad folks teach who also wrongly teach that He has returned and that the judgment and new and and earth are what we now enjoy in the church. If ever there was a false teaching, this would be one. Read why Benson disagrees with these man-made and naturalistic interpretations of the second coming of Jesus.
“Ready — ετοιμην, prepared, to be revealed — In all its glory; in the last time — The time of Christ’s second coming; the grand period, in which all the mysteries of divine providence shall beautifully and
gloriously terminate. Some have thought that by the salvation here spoken of, the apostle meant the preservation from the destruction brought on the Jewish nation by the Romans, which preservation the disciples of Christ ‘obtained, by observing the signs mentioned in their Master’s prophecy concerning that event. For, when they saw these signs take place, they fled from Jerusalem to places of safety, agreeably to their Master’s order, Matthew 24:16. But what is said, 1 Peter 1:9-12, concerning this salvation; that it is a salvation, not of the body, but of the soul, to be bestowed as the reward of faith; that the prophets, who foretold this salvation, searched diligently among what people, and at what time, the means of procuring it were accomplished; that it was revealed to the prophets that these means were to be accomplished, not among them, but among us; and that these things were to be preached by the apostles as actually come to pass: I say, the above- mentioned particulars concerning the salvation to be revealed in the last time, do not agree to the deliverance of the Christians from the destruction of Jerusalem, but are applicable only to the salvation of believers in general from eternal death, by a resurrection to an immortal life in heaven, at the time of Christ’s coming, when this salvation is to be revealed; and that time is called the last time, because it will be the concluding scene of God’s dispensations relating to our world.’ — Macknight.”
Are we ready for the day of Christ? Philippians 1:10
Are we holding fast so that we rejoice in the day of Christ? Phil 2:16
Are we eagerly waiting for the Savior? Phil 3:20
Are we waiting for the salvation to be revealed? 1 Peter 1:5
Are we living so others will glorify God at His return? 1 Pt 2:12

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