THE WORKING OF GOD….beyond a mechanistic ‘you reap and sow’. by Dan Mayfield

We understand that the laws of nature, Rom. 2:14-15, which aren’t to do with gravity or laws of thermodynamics, etc, but are the moral laws which press upon all men to keep them doing what they ought to do, we know that these have built in consequences so that we understand the words “you reap what you sow.” Gal. 6:7. Though it’s spiritual, being God’s ordained plan, still it’s natural in the sense of being put in place and working as a mechanism that works without direct involvement from the hand of God.
When I say that God is working, I mean that the Scriptures show the regular involvement of God in the affairs of men. It’s always in accordance with the Holy Bible. It’s real but behind what is seen. It’s often an answer to prayer. It’s necessary for the working out of His eternal will.
And when we agree that the Father works, we must agree that the other two persons of the Godhead are also working. This we accept by faith because we couldn’t prove it was them if we had to. We just believe it by faith. We believe Jesus is always making intercession. And what about the Holy Spirit? Is He strengthening? Is He interceding? Is He sealing? Is He bearing fruit? Is He indwelling? Or is the Holy Spirit just a Bible? Or is the Holy Spirit the only member of the Godhead who isn’t active?
I was told that the argument is that if I believe it takes more than the Bible, then I don’t believe in the sufficiency of the Bible. The very argument misses the point. Of course I believe in the sufficiency of the Bible. But I don’t believe God intended for people to conclude the Holy Spirit is inactive.
God loves. Love is active. God didn’t love only in the past, as some time which He set this all up. God loves us all and He shows it. Paul said it is “the kindness, forebearance and patience of God that leads you to repentance.” Rom. 2:4.
Though there is a distinction in roles for the three persons of the Godhead, there is a sameness. “God said, ‘let us make man in our image.'” Gen 1. We are not only made in the image of the Father, but we are made in the image of the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We are made like them. If the Father loves, then the Son and the Holy Spirit loves. If the Father is grieved over sin, then the Holy Spirit is grieved over sin, Eph 4:30. Let’s keep the three persons of the Godhead separate and honor that all three are working.
Said in love.

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