This year in 2016 the feast of booths was on October 16-23. This feast was the third of the 3 major feast for the Jews. The Jewish people traveled to Jerusalem 3 times a year to commemorate God’s work in their lives and this feast was a reminder of God’s salvation during 40 years of living in tents in the wilderness. It was in the 7th month of the Jewish year when the last of the harvest of grapes and olives were harvested. So there were many offerings of thanks. The people went and “tabernacled” for a week in make shift tents and little huts to remind the people of what God did for them.

It’s interesting to me that it was in this month that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin. He was the Word became flesh and “tabernacled” among us, John 1:1-14. When the people were in their tabernacles, Jesus Christ was God’s only begotten, come into this world a little baby, because God now planned to bring about His great plan of salvation for sinful man.

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