The council of Nicea in about A.D. 325 was convened by Constantine I, the Roman Emperor, bringing together experts in the Bible to come to unity on important Christian doctrine. The Nicene Creed, still repeated in some churches today, was established by this council which specifies what the Bible says on the Godhead, with special attention on the nature of Jesus Christ in relation to the Father.

Of Jesus Christ, the Nicene Creed says, He was “Light from Light, true God from true God” and He was “begotten, not made” and “of one being with The Father”, proclaiming that although Jesus Christ is “true God” and God The Father is also “true God”, they are “of one being”, in accord to what is found in John 10:30: “I and the Father are one”.1

The chief error the Creed sought to correct was Arianism which made Jesus out to be created and changeable. Hence, the very divinity of Christ was challenged by Arian, The Council of Nicea debated and settled on the correct Biblical truth of Jesus which was strongly promoted with the influence of the Roman Emperor.

What if there was a Council of D.C., where Bible Believers came together under the promotion of Barack Obama or someone who considered himself friendly to Christianity, what would be settled?

Faith alone doctrine would be shown false. Original sin and Calvinism would be beaten down (Augustine wouldn’t be influencing Christianity for a hundred years after Nicea and his original sin doctrine was new by him). Universalism would be beaten back and salvation only in Christ would be established. Women preachers would be outlawed since the Bible says they are not to teach or exercise authority over the men. Modern worship that’s become entertainment would be banned and reverent worship and edifying music would become the norm.

I’m not looking for or desiring such a council. But the strong arm of government made the Council of Nicea to hammer out and put in words the truth about Christ. If such a thing happened today, the teachers of error would be exposed and silenced.

We are left to be vocal in the local churches and in our towns. We have to go out and make the case without the “aid” or guidance of a non-Christian authority.

1.Wikipedia, Nicene Creed

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