God knows your predicament and does not leave you alone, Philippians 1:3-14
Philippians chapter 1 verse 3 through 14 comma the messages that we do not do this alone. As the gospel spreads throughout the world, Paul isn’t doing the work alone. The Philippians are working with him. God is working with him. And other Christians throughout the world are emboldened to tell the truth.
Prayer, Philippians chapter 1 verse 4 & 9.
For the Apostle Paul, there is Providential Power in prayer so that Paul is filled with trust and great joy. He knows he will get out of prison, vs12. Paul’s prayers are all about other people even though he is in prison. The Greek word for prayer is supplication and it means a heartfelt intreating. For us, our
prayers become more serious as we come to rely more on God.
Participation in the gospel, chapter 1 verse 5.
The Greek word Koinonia means partnership or sharing is the cause of Paul’s Joy. This is so comforting when your life is filled with trust. The body of Christ needs to see the preaching of the Gospel as a work we all share in.
Perfecting the good work in you, chapter 1 verse 6.
Paul is confident and firmly persuaded of something. He is confident that this is God’s work and that God is who Begins the work will end the work into them to its completion. The work is invisible and unseen and does not move at a place where we instantly see it but it is real nevertheless. The work of saving and perfecting to the end is from Faith to Faith (Rom. 1:17) because our faith is in God who’s doing the work, see 2:12f. My admonition is to be aware of God’s continued work in our lives.
Partakers in the grace of God, chapter 1 verse 7.
Im Paul’s mind and heart because in his chain and work of the Gospel they are fellow sharers with him, verse 8. It shows that he longs for them in the very bowels of his being, which is the place of the heart and lungs; and it’s also the place of the heartfelt love, the emotional place of man.
Progress of the Gospel, chapter 1 verse 12 through 14. Here we see the Apostle Paul is in prison which is an attempt to silence and impeded the spread of the Gospel. But the word of God is not in prison gospel is being spread so that people even in the palace are learning of Christ.
The Blessed condition is from God who does not leave his Saints to be deserted or abandoned. From the dark prison with the heavy chains, the Apostle has more blessings which sustained and lift him up. This is an important message for us to remember when we go through the difficult days of our life.
The work of God Prospers greatly even as the evil world attempts to stop it. The devil never wins and the gospel of Christ is unimped in bring Salvation to those who are seeking.
We are greater when we work together. Let us always remember that every member of the body is significant in God’s plan.

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