If your theology has a lot of grays, you are almost certainly in conflict with God. If God says something is evil, but you say, ‘well….”, you have a problem.

Things are morally right or wrong. Everything we do in the sight of God has a plus or minus attached to it. Things are right or they are wrong. Romans 2:5-11 (look it up) says that God is going to judge every soul based on what they do, whether good or evil. And good and evil is clearly spelled out in the Bible.

When God is solidly stating that something is morally wrong, a Christian must be just as solid on the matter. Paul said in 1 Corinthians that homosexuals who haven’t repented of it, adulterers who continue in it, drunkards who keep getting drunk are not going to go to heaven. There’s no room for, “well, no one is perfect” when it comes to the practice of sin. It’s true that no one is perfect, but it’s also true that to be saved you must hate the sin and must take the steps to put it out of your life.

A person who is a living sacrifice to Jesus is one who puts away sin, Romans 12:1-2; Hebrews 9:26. The sins that so easily entangle us are the ones that we have not yet truly dealt with. We must decide that sin is not part of our life. Shed them and then you can run the race to the finish line, Heb. 12:1ff.

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