I think craziness or insanity can to a large degreee be laid at the feet of the deceptions we accept. The deceived person is a divided person because in the same body two belief systems dwell. Having diametrically opposing ideas in the same brain and heart and soul constitutes an internal war. There’s a war in the mind of every person who believes the lie that there’s no God. There’s a war in the mind of someone who claims to believe in God and is at the same time accusing God of evil. These contradictions are a constant flash point of conflict. The person will suffer mightily. Both inside in the core of his or her being, but then also with, or should I say against, true believers in Christ. These people will not only argue with the truth, but they take this battle to anyone who speaks truth to them.

You simply cannot have inner peace, God’s peace that surpasses comprehension, as long as you hold on to lies. The peace of God comes by conforming, believing, trusting in God and in His perfect ways. Dwell on what’s true and get rid of everything that’s not.

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