A godless man has only to please man’s eyes. He does not believe God is watching. The Bible says the Lord sees the evil and the good, Pro. 15:3. A godless man doesn’t care what God sees. He cares about making a profit. Perhaps he will try to appear more honest than the business competition, but it’s appearances. What you don’t see you don’t know.

I bought a 2004 Buick last year, supposedly low mileage, that according to the vehicle report had no accidents. Funny thing is that I began looking under my car and noticed that it had an aftermarket front bumper being held in place by a gerry rigged hanger made from a Minnesota license plate! Car dealers who don’t care that God is watching don’t mind lying to sell a car.

How many broken and removed car parts are you shown by the mechanic to prove the part was really broken and needed replacement? How many home builders take extra care with the hidden foundation and plumbing, wiring, insulation, and quality of shingles knowing that he will be long gone before anything begins to fail? How many food producers cut corners on the production thinking no one will know?

There are no guarantees. Many people make confessions they don’t really believe. But if you do business with someone who truly fears God, it is more likely that his yes will be yes, and his no will be no. Christians are called by God to be honest, no stealing or deceiving people.

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