Excerpt: “In addition to just one in five not being able to change a lightbulb or boil an egg, the survey found that nearly a third of the participants couldn’t cook any meal on the fly. And if someone were to spill a portion of their meal on their clothes or on the floor, only 59 percent would know how to get rid of the resulting stain.”1
We seem to be inching closer to the comical condition depicted in the 2006 satire movie, Idiocracy, where a regular six-pack Joe is the smartest person in the world and literally everyone else thinks everything he does is Einstein smart.
Children come into the world to learn and fill up their brains. But there’s so much television and video
game, and sports and worldly pursuits distraction being encouraged, that the more useful learning and being taught how to learn is being neglected on a wide scale.
Because man is made in God’s image with a soul that will live forever, and which has an affinity to the spiritual/invisible, and children must be taught about God and Jesus. If we teach our children how they should go, they won’t depart from it. The problem? Most people are allowing the world to do more of the teaching so that they barely know how to change a light buld, let alone how to find the light of Christ.
Another sign of the times? Of those young people between the ages of 18-34, more are still living at home than are living with a spouse. The so-called “failure to launch” is the failure of parenting to launch their children, but no one is willing to take the blame for this.

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