DUKE UNIVERSITY, IN ABOUT 2010, WAS EXPERIMENTING ON MICE AND FOUND THAT BY MAKING THEM FAST, CANCER WAS DISAPPEARING AND THE MICE WERE LIVING ABOUT 30% LONGER THAN THEIR FELLOW MICE. Because they couldn’t force humans to fast as they did the mice, the doctors came up with “intermittent fasting” which means restricting eating to a period of time each day. This leaves the rest of the day for the body to burn glycogen stores and then move to burning fat. It takes about 8 hours for the body to burn up the quick burning, easy access glycogen. So the fasting window each day has to be longer than 8 hours. So against the modern theory that you must eat breakfast, skip it, and wait to eat until after noon. Your eating
window can be as much as 8 hours, and as little as it takes to eat only one meal. Some people survive quite well eating only once a day. That leaves the body to be in the fat oxidation, HGH fueled building and rejuvenating mode. The fast helps the body to burn up old cells, and produce new ones. The studies show, and it is measured, that fasting increases HGH (human growth hormone) by 300 to 1300%. This is good for building of muscle, healthy white blood cells, the brain, and more I’m sure. [Disclaimer: check with your doctor before fasting and be responsible. I am not responsible for any consequences you may enjoy or suffer for entering a fasting regimen]

VIDEO: Intermittent Fasting with Dr. Mike

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