What 5 Things to do to Raise Children to go to Heaven, Dan Mayfield [SHARE]

[1] Exemplify the kind of Christian who leaves no doubt with your children that you LOVE God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Never underestimate the power of an example. Talk is cheap, but an example is hard to dismiss. 
[2] Talk, talk, talk about the wonder, the beauty, the kindness of God that you see in the creation and in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is important to set the example, but parents also must put into words the truth they believe so that children have no misconceptions. 

[3] Train your children in all their ways. Habits. Words. Attitudes. All areas of the child’s life falls within the responsibility of parents to develop. If you are failing here and feel out of your depth, seek guidance and help from older

Christians who have successfully raised their children to walk with the Lord. 

[4] Control the influences of the secular world on your children. Control the television, games, books, friends, sports, and education that undermines the good work you are doing to raise them to walk with the Lord. There is plenty of anti-God dogma being fed to children in cartoons, nature shows, and even in public education that has all but vanquished any mention of the spiritual. Overcomes these influences by taking control. 

[5] Love your children the way your Heavenly Father loves you. Tell them of your love for them. Show them in a hundred ways how you love them. Sacrifice for them the way Jesus sacrificed Himself for you. To train and control children without love is just being a cruel dictator. If genuine agape love is what you show to your children, they will respect and love you even as they see how imperfect you are.

These are my five things to do to raise up your children in a secular world. SHARE this with others. – Dan Mayfield

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