We live in a time when men feel they should have every desire satisfied immediately. If you want something, you just go get it. No waiting. And when the appetite is calling, when the eyes are wanting, don’t wait, just get it. But is this the way to be?

Some things are worth waiting for.
Things have priorities and some things take time to grow, to cure, to mature, and to ferment in order to realize their worth. But in our “I want it now and cannot wait” society, we have removed the ingredient of time.

We need balance. For every feast, we need a fast from eating. For every buffet’ we belly up to, we need a time to buffet the body to make it our
slave, 1 Cor. 9:27.

When it comes to diet and health, the numbers do not lie that we are damaging our bodies by feeding with the attitude of instant gratification. We never get to the balance that being hungry and waiting
brings. Instead, we have been conditioned with the attitude,  “If you see something you like, eat it. Don’t wait.” Waiting and actually reaching a true hunger state is not an option. This is not natural and not healthy. It’s natural to be hungry and then eat. See my simple graphic to understand why I say this.

For every time we eat, there should be balance.  If we never wait, allowing the time element of waiting into the equation, we are going to be overweight and unhealthy. The body stores the excess food we eat in pounds of fat. The balance attitude says we ought also to hold off eating to burn off those fat stores.

Jesus said, “man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” He showed by example that instant gratification is not the way to prepare for the challenges of life.

We should wait to eat until we are actually hungry. Make those instances few where we just eat because food is set in front of us. Remember, food is fuel. Food is medicine. Eat more when it is needed, not just when the eyes want it. Practice self control and wait to eat. Get hungry. There’s nothing unnatural about getting hungry. In fact, embrace the empty, hungry sensation. When you wait to eat, you will enjoy the food more.

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