When two opposing views are held with deep conviction inside the same mind, the internal turmoil this creates will cause an unstable mind.

God created the world miraculously and it evolved too = unstable mind rises.

God created beautiful marriage for family and two men or two women can make a marriage = unstable mind ensues.

Jesus commanded baptism and that makes it
important BUT not necessary for salvation = unstable mind ensues.

God is good and righteous but I am angry at Him from time to time for Him allowing me to be harmed = unstable mind at work.

When we have a unified world view based on God’s Word, there will be peace in mind, body, heart, and soul.

Mental illness happens very easily. The only thing a person has to do to become mentally ill is deny reality. The brain cannot properly function on a lie. When we begin lying to ourselves, and start believing the lies we tell ourselves, the “reality” we have created in our minds has no relationship to the real world. Romans 1 talks about this delusion that comes upon people who deny God. When they become deluded, they speak and act based upon their delusion. They will say how beautiful the naked king’s clothes are because they have deluded themselves [Corrupt powerful people like kings with no clothes do not mind if they bring this delusion on others]. Normal people who still live in the real world rightly look upon them as mentally ill. Normal people choose to remain attached to the reality and say to kings “you have no clothes.”  If you want to be mentally ill, deny the truth, enjoy the lie, and soon you will be going down that road.

Most people do not know this has happened TO them. Sadly, the faux reality is foisted upon some people early in life. And they cannot explain it. They need the help of people who are strong in reality and will keep telling the truth in love. It’s these people’s only hope. Some people go to this unreal, faux mind as an escape because the world is painful. Perhaps they have been abused and due to powerlessness, they recede into a fabricated place in their mind that isn’t real. Soon they are locked in there and they cannot figure their way out. They are afraid to admit it. There is mental illness everywhere, but especially in places where the truth of God and life are denied.

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