How many days could I go without food?
Well let’s say I’m somewhere around 20 BMI. That means 1/5 of my weight is fat! That’s 40 lbs of fat. How long can I live on that? The body by God’s design does not eat up vital organs, but mostly targets the fat for getting energy when fasting. So that is why a person can literally fast for weeks and not die. I’m not a doctor and do not prescribe this. But you can see the testimonials of many people with just a little bit of research to see that 30 or 40 days is doable by the average person. 40 lbs of fat is maybe 80 days of calories for someone who burns 2,000 calories a day. This sounds theoretical and it is to a certain extent as each person is different. But there is a certain amount of energy locked up in fat cells. So if you go 7

days with only water, you aren’t even close to starving. In fact, at 7 days of fasting, people start feeling really great with extra energy. Oh well, do your own reading.

For revitalization of the body, fast. The lead scientist of Biosphere 2 lost a considerable amount of weight over the year he was in the dome as food turned out to be quiet scarce. His liver at the end of the year was healthy, but something like 60% the size prior to entering the experiment. But once he exited and returned to normal size, his liver grew back to normal size. Think about all of those brand new liver cells! New healthy cells.
And Dr. Mark Mattson, a neuroscientist, says that the stress of fasting causing the brain to grow new neurons! New brain cells! Who knew. Indeed, fasting is regenerative. It is health restoring. I have reported here in the past what has been stated by scientists that fasting promotes repair of cellular mitochondria. Better functioning cells! Imagine that. And I’ve also pointed out that the immune system is renewed, like new, in 72 or 120 days of water fasting. What could our health be like if we have a rebooted healthy white blood cell count that is fighting viruses, bacteria and toxins!

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