He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.” MT 5:45
Because the body naturally produces Vitamin D through the skin’s direct exposure to the sun, the sun is not bad for you. I have done a little reading on this matter and you actually need a half hour of direct sun, if you are light skinned, in order for the body to produce the Vitamin D it needs. If you can’t get the sun, you need to get your Vitamin D through diet.

I heard about a mother being ridiculed because her daughters had a tan. Comments were heaped against her like, “don’t you know what ‘suncream’ is?” I wouldn’t be surprised if the mother was reported to child services! Just imagine how we all survived before the all knowing “health” care experts made their products. Living in Texas in my early youth I can tell you I was dark as a Mexican. We did not need sunscreen or protection from the sun. We did not shrink in fear over being in the sun. Remember, it’s from God. Like we need the good rain, we need the good sun and the sunscreen police can go bark on someone else’s street.

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