“Whose skin is fortified with spider silk proteins”.

Don’t you love the carefully crafted description. The way a person is “fortified” is by bioengineering your DNA.  Do you think it is a good idea to tamper with a human’s DNA by splicing into it the genes from a spider? I do not.

To me this is very scary. The goats DNA was modified by grafting spider DNA into its gene. The the goat’s milk contained the same silk protein. The milk is processed to isolate the protein, grown into a layer in petry dish. And the “skin” literally absorbed the energy of a bullet but was not penetrated. Now imagine if human DNA is modified as the goat’s was. Do you want human DNA to be modified to have spider proteins?
And don’t worry that this opens up the discussion to the possibility of proving evolution. It doesn’t. All these scientists are doing is playing with God’s building blocks. They are foolishly borrowing blocks from one of God’s creations to insert them in another. It is not EVOLUTION. But it is the height of hubris.

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