Need for Accountability for Unscriptural Divorce, Dan Mayfield 

matthew 5_32

I searched for different translations of “MOIXAOMAI/commits adultery” for Matthew 5:32 (Image above)

The verse in the NASB and every other translation is could find says two people commit adultery: The put away woman commits adultery. And the person who marries such a put away person also commits adultery.

The Contemporary English Version bible translates it that the put away woman is made to be “unfaithful”. There’s no explanation as to how or why this is so. And aren’t we told that the one that divorced her broke covenant and that she is innocent? Why then is the woman unfaithful. It makes no sense unless she marries another, which liberals on this topic tell us there is no problem to marry again.

But also note in the CEV bible that the second person who in the Greek committed the same sin as the put away woman, but the CEV instead of being consistent, translates it to say the person is “guilty of taking another man’s wife”. Now how can this man be guilty of anything if the marriage bond is broken already by the divorce? Why is there any condition existing at this point that the person who marries her is “guilty of taking another man’s wife”. It sounds like even the CEV is indicating she’s still bound to the first husband. And hence his guilt by both the put away woman and the 3rd party who marries such a woman.

The reality that is clearly being show BY JESUS is being ignored by those who teach this. Jesus clearly shows a lasting consequence while the liberals teach everyone is released and free to marry another.

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