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2018 NTWORDS adultery 2nd paragraph
This is not a good way to begin an argument. Proving every marriage does not include sexual relations because Joseph and Mary were married but did not have relations is a gross error.  This does not make the case that marriages are adulterous without sex.  Most all marriage does include a marriage bed which is undefiled, Heb. 13:4.

2018 NTWORDS adultery 3nd paragraph and following

2nd Response to article NTWORDS.COM/adultery

Two things are attempted. First to dismiss Thayers and Vines in favor of supposed more reliable sources for word meaning. Problem? The author’s favored sources also admit that the MOICH/adultery words may be about sexual sins. Secondly, the author is confusing the cause and effect. By insisting the real meaning of the word “adultery” means the generic “unfaithfulness”, he does not answer what made the person unfaithful. The unfaithfulness is because of something. And the something is sexual infidelity, literally or metaphorically.

Below I will include the html text for copying. But the graphic includes the article (left column) and my response (right column).


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