A passage in Proverbs says, “Do not give your strength to women, Or your ways to that which destroys kings.” Pro. 31:3.

From Genesis, we see that God made man, and from man, God made the woman. Both are unique and both are beneficial to the other. But what happens when we are damaged and do not know how to rule our own vessel.

In many cases, the man is a domineering brute which is an abuse to the woman. She is first and foremost supposed to serve her God. But a brute of a man can enslave the woman and rob her of her free exercise of her spirit.

Likewise, in many cases there are men, often times they are a man’s man among their peers, and these men live under the tyrannical woman who knows how to control the man with her fits and by her use of sex. She is like the dripping water faucet, but the man just cowers and takes the nagging and threatening.

You may have witnessed this controlling woman. The man may seem to have self rule and many strengths, but he does not dare stand up to his woman, particularly when she is wrong and he is right. He is weak and tends to cower if and when she barks. You will see this man and his ways around her will be like the dog that has his tail between his legs. It’s not good. He’s weak and displeasing to God. And she’s not good. She’s hurting her husband. She’s hurting her children too because she does not respect the order of God. The children will grow up not seeing a God ordained order for the home. And so the dominant, power hungry woman, will harm generations.

In the garden, the woman led her husband into sin. But he submitted and was responsible too. Man, you are responsible. You answer to God. You have to love your wife, but obey God first or else you give your strength to her.

I believe that King Lemuel’s mother was a very godly woman and knew how to possess her own vessel but also she knew how to all her man to be a man as God designed. And so the King’s mother reminds her son to stay a man in all of his strength.

A godly, well balanced woman, will love the following verse that says, “Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.” 1 Cor 16:13. Men, do not give your strength away when your family needs to see a strong spiritual leader.

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