I heard two very intelligent men talking. It was Firing Line from decades ago where William F. Buckley was interviewing Malcolm Muggeridge. Both were Catholics and Muggeridge made a comment that often the devil’s purpose is often the same as God’s purpose. That struck me very odd. So I thought about it. I was surprised that Buckley allowed the comment to pass by without a challenge.

To prove his point, Muggeridge said the devil meant to kill Jesus and God also meant to have Jesus die. Here’s the thing. Two people aiming to do the same thing does not imply they have the same purpose. The devil’s PURPOSE was to foil God’s plan of redemption. God’s plan was to provide to sinners the perfect sacrifice to atone for sins. Hence, the devil and God had different purposes. I’m surprised when brilliant people get it wrong. Listen close and don’t be misled by men, whether it be a Malcolm Muggeridge or a Jordan Peterson.

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