To have eternal life, it is not possible to receive it on the basis of works since your works are imperfect and fall short of God’s glory.1 Salvation is a gift. But even the gift of salvation is not given to those who are unwilling to give what they have to give.2  What we have to give is our faith or trust in God.3.  What we have to give to God is our love.4.  We choose to put our faith in God instead of things of the world. We choose to love God instead of loving the vain things of this world and the false gods of this world.5  What God is requiring of us is everything that we have to give. Sinners cannot buy God’s love, but they can show their faith. When we count the cost of being a disciple of Jesus Christ you look at everything you have and decide, ‘am I willing to give it all so that I may have Christ?’6.  Look at the Apostle Paul in Philippians who said he gave up everything so that he might have eternal life; so that he might have Christ.7  If someone hears about the grace of God and comes to receive it but has no fruits of repentance, God says, ‘no’.8  So if you want to have God’s grace which is his gift to give, you and I and every soul in this world must look at what we have and bring it to him as a full sacrifice of thanks and praise to him.

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