Years ago I saw a movie about an african tribal dude who after hunting a gazelle talked to the dying animal with compassion. It was a little strange but I have a feeling that many American hunters could identify with the love and appreciation for that life. These are people who would not hurt an animal, not even a fly, unncessarily. For food, sure we have to kill something, whether it be animal or plant life. But not unnecessarily and not cavalierly.

When my son was five or so he caught a frog and wanted to keep it. We told him it would probably die if we left it inside so that wouldn’t be a good idea. I do not know the thinking process of the five year old, but he responded with the funniest and most shocking idea. He asked if he could take it outside and smash it with a hammer. His mom and I were visibly shocked and let him know that would not be nice and he was to take it outside and let it go. There was no meanness in him. He for some reason thought it was the sympathetic thing to do for the little frog. I think our response helped him be a sympathetic person towards all life.

I fear that many in our world have lost this sympathetic feeling towards life. How else can it be explained that abortion is rampant and women like Oprah are promoting the “shout your abortion” campaign. Doctors are telling the truth that these tiny little infants feel terrible pain being torned apart in the womb. And their little tears must be real but their is no way for their screams to be heard.

Let me tell you something. If you tell me you are a Christian but this abortion problem does not make you angry, there is something missing in your soul. God is going to shower down the greatest wrath on the harm people have done to the most precious and innocent lives. And if you have ever aborted a child, weep and mourn for that precious life and seek God’s forgiveness. God will forgive you. But do not try to excuse it. Abortion is evil.

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