“We think the universe was formed by what we call the big bang. The Big Bang wasn’t even a blip, perhaps, from what we’re seeing that there’s matter being created all over in places far, far further than we thought it would be and the universe, and maybe even multiverses. A multiverse would be if some of the universes have different laws of physics than what we see In ours, but we don’t have any way to show our prove that. There’s a lot more stuff going on out there than we have even begin to investigate.” – Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut

Wouldn’t you say it is highly speculative to posit the idea that there are multiverses? But they do. Why? Because if there are it increases the chances of life forming in one of them – like our own – without God. But there’s no proof and I thought “science” didn’t do that. And if you haven’t even begin to investigate it, how can these people say there’s a lot more “stuff” going on out there? This former astronaut not only believes in the big bang, he’s says it was only a “blip” on a radar compared to “what we are seeing”. Really? What faith he has in the unproven. 

We believers are going to have to decide if we believe in God regardless of what the scientists and astronauts are telling us. They want us to believe their theories over what God has said. No thank you.

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