If you haven’t picked up on it yet that the whole gender thing is an attack on God’s design and the Biblical worldview, you simply are not paying attention.

2Male and female He created them, and He blessed them. And in the day they were created, He called them ‘man’.ā€ Gen. 5:2.

God made a man and from the man he made the woman. In the beginning He made them in His image. There’s something very special about man and woman. This specialness is being denied by the godless, God-hating world which is doing everything in its power to erase any memory of God.

Lately we have been hearing more about “toxic masculinity”. Masculinity is not toxic. To mislead the sheep, the attacks focus on the extreme examples of man’s violence and aggression. These are not the same as “masculinity”. God made man to be masculine and it’s in his nature. But that’s the point. The very nature of God’s design is under attack. If you buy into the godless narrative, you threaten the development of boys, even your own sons. Moms, listen, if you have girls train them to be ladies. Moms, listen, if you have sons train them with the help of your husband to be men. Encourage the development of masculinity in your sons.

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