THE SUN AND MOON, Dan Mayfield

to Him who made the great lights…8the sun to rule by day…the moon and stars to rule by night.” Psalm 136:7,8

In a world where every vestige of innocence and goodness are being destroyed, the sun and moon remain and man has not figured out yet how to remove them from our sight.

Children are being defiled and their innocence stolen. Pay attention to what is being said about the 11 year old “Desmond” who is dancing in gay bars and “Lactacia”, the little cross dressing Canadian boy who was recently photographed standing in front of a naked man. See also that an American court recently approved the legality of foreigners to bring into the country their child brides which are 8 years old and up. This is an attack on childhood and innocence. The devil does this to defile everything. And do we even care? Apparently, not much.

But the sun and moon stand as a testament to God’s wisdom, power, and goodness.

An Interesting fact about the sun and moon is that the sun is 400 times the diameter of the moon and it is 400 times the distance of the moon to the earth. This is why they appear to be the same size to us from earth. When a total eclipse of the sun occurs, the moon perfectly covers the sight of the sun. What are the odds of the ratio being 400 to 1 in both size and distance for the sun and moon? It is amazing to think of.

God made the world to sing loudly the praises of God. Men who deny God will be without excuse on the judgment day. They looked at the truth, read it correctly, and then denied it. They are hellbound for doing that great evil.

Men lie about God. The people who said Jesus performed His works by the power of the devil were committing an unforgivable sin. It is a criminal act to steal physical or intellectual property. But many who call themselves ‘scientists’ today are openly denying God had any part in the creation. They are committing the worst of crimes and they are hellbound for it.

9 Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; Speak of all His wonders“, 1 Chronicles 16.

The Psalms says that the Lord made everything because His lovingkindness is everlasting, Psalm 136. The creation makes us stand up and sing the glories of God. The sun and the moon makes us to sing His praises.

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