“You don’t have to drink the blood of children to reclaim the vigor of your lost youth. You can mainline it. For $8,000 a liter. Ambrosia, a startup founded by a Stanford Medical School graduate, has begun pouring the blood of the young into the hardened arteries of their elders in five cities, one of them San Francisco, according to a new report.”

Can you think of any “unintended” consequences of doing this? Will parents line up their children to donate blood to pay off the cell phone or electric bill? Will people have children for the cash flow? You cannot sell body parts, but now you sell the body blood? It’s always been donated. What is this going to do to the donation industry?

The godless world does not have a stop or off button. There’s no clear guidelines for the world on when to stop the insatiable desire of self. And children, who are precious and to be left undisturbed, unmolested, and unstained, are being looked at as the path to long life and youthfulness.
Sandra Bullock admitted that she has cellular material gotten from the flesh of circumcised boys injected into her face! And do not get me started on the possibility of adrenochrome being a real thing. There are too many people talking about it including the subliminal reference to it in the evil Clockwork Orange, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and in the movie titled Adrenochrome. It involves adults ingesting blood removed from children when they were in an adrenaline induced fear state. I know it is sick and downright frightening to even contemplate, but like I say, the godless world does not have a limiter switch when it wants something.

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