I posted this a few days ago and I said the little guy named Branch is being taught at home to sit still so that he learns to sit still in public like at Sunday worship. One of the things Branch is saying is “Jesus” and “Moses” and “Bible”. How does this happen unless these are important words to the people around him?! I wonder if all Christian parents are making Jesus and Bible among their child’s first words? Does it indicates what the parents hold dear? I think so. We can talk a lot about how important God is to us, but these little people are sponges and mirrors picking up and reflecting what they see and hear in us.

Remember that the Proverb says to “train them up in the way they should go, and when they are old will not depart from it.” Pro. 22:6. When the training to talk and do right begins, it is time to train the child in the ways of God.

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