The article on townhall.com asks why are cheerleaders under attack? We know that in the NFL male cheerleaders are being added to the team. Now I’m not a big fan of cheerleaders, particularly the scantily clad ones, because having girls of my own I did not want them to believe their worth was due to outward beauty. But there is a sexual element to cheerleaders to give one more enticement for men to stay in front of the television and support the game.

So why are cheerleaders and women under attack? And how so? Well we know that a man was called woman of the year by Vanity Fair in 2015. That’s an attack on womanhood when a man gets the honor over an actual woman according to biology. We also see that male athletes are winning in boxing, track, and wrestling against women because the males are identifying as females. That is literally an attack on females when males are beating up on women. The message is that a man is better than a woman even at being a woman! That’s disturbing. We even saw last year that Miss Spain was a transgender, which is a biologically a man, attempted to win the Miss Universe pageant. He lost, I mean ‘she’ lost, but again a man beat a lot of women at being a woman. That’s disturbing and falls under the war on women.

Another way that womanhood is under attack is the attack on the traditional housewife and homemaker who has made the choice to focus her energies and talents primarily on being a blessing to her husband and to the nurturing of her children. For this choice, she is under attack by the radical feminists movement. The Atlantic article puts forward the argument that women who stay home are enabling males to dominate over women. These radical feminists express the message to women, that, “If you can’t pay your own rent, you are not an adult. You are a dependent.” See, stay at home wives are not adults! That’s insulting to grownup women who have made the choice to be an adult who strives to make her home the best it can be. This is maybe the worst kind of attack on women.

22 The LORDGodfashioned into a woman the ribwhich He had taken from theman, and brought her to the man23 The mansaid, “This is nowbone of my bones, Andflesh of my flesh; She shall be calledWomanBecause she was taken out of Man.” 24For thisreason* a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall becomeoneflesh. ” Genesis 2.

God made woman to be the perfect counterpart to man. The woman cannot be a man, and the man cannot be a woman, not according to God’s plan. God designed for the roles to be distinct and this distinction is fixed and not to be manipulated. Stand up for women who love God and value the work God has given to them.

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