We love them and do all we can to have them involved in worship and fellowship. But when singles don’t fit in, it’s not really a church problem. It’s just a reality of being single in the world.

Yes, Paul was so involved in ministry – get it, active in the church – that he didn’t marry. It would have gotten in the way. But many can’t find a spouse and so they miss out on one of God’s greatest gifts – the friend, partner, sharer in everything, in the marriage relationship.

When it came to my own children, their adult lives were always talked about in terms of marriage and family. God was preparing a mate for them just as we prayed for them when they were little tykes.

Foolish parents, playing with fire parents, tell their grown kids to not marry until they graduate, have a good job, are financially set, and then think about marriage and children. Ummm, let’s see, did these same brilliant parents also tell their children not to date? Did they let their children date from the age of 16 and ridiculously expect that the child would stay sexually pure until they were 26 or 27? Sure, it can happen, and does happen, but mostly that part of it is strangely overlooked.

Marriage is God’s gift from the very beginning. God said it is not good for the man to be alone, Gen. 2. So God made woman for the man. See how God’s word defines the most important relationship? Let’s stop arguing with God and start patterning our lives after His will.

This is a message of love for the next generation to know the full joy of God’s plan. If you are a single in the church, you are loved. But it is up to you to get involved. You are welcome. You are invited. You have a part. But all of the responsibility is not on the church.

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