Evolution is Not Science

If you are one of those Christians who have bowed to evolution bologna, then you would say you believe Adam was the first man and that this dude in the picture was his father. I am a Christian too but I reject false science and know that Adam was the first man, the first human, created in God’s image, made on day 6 of The Creation, and his father was God almighty. The caveman is a fiction.

That caveman was seen recently walking down the street in Queens, New York. The cavemanologists practically wet their pants the moment they find a buried skull and within about 11.5 seconds they have it dated to pinpoint accuracy. When they then find an iPod and a roll of toilet paper under the skull, all of the reporting stops and these people are off to their next exciting find. And without a single prick to their conscience. Meanwhile at Westgate Elementary 9 yr old Johnny is receiving his lesson on human evolution taught as fact.

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