A lot of studies and surveys say that youths are leaving the church because they don’t find it to be relevant. What are they being shown to lead them to such a conclusion? Christianity being lived in the home is a great blessing and is undeniably relevant!

I think a lot of parents – and it’s maybe the majority of Christian parents – who need to do some real soul-searching on what message they are sending to their children. I do not charge them as having no faith and I do not judge that they are lost, but at the same time there is a serious problem due to a failure of parents to show that Jesus Christ is relevant to this 21st century life.
Going to church on Sundays is a vital part of the Christian Life, but it has little to no impact on children if the parents don’t read their Bibles, pray with their children, and talk passionately about our awesome God. Show that God is the giver of life, wisdom, knowledge, joy, and peace.

What I do know is that modern youths are given few responsibilities and are being conditioned to be consumers, selfishly gratifying the appetites, instead of living in holiness. If you mix that message with going to church a couple of times a week, you have something that is not going to be relevant.
Our children need to see Christianity being lived 24/7. I fear most who go to church are not showing this level of commitment to the King of kings.

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