What does the Bible say about the reality of good and truth, and the superiority of truth over evil and lies? If a person lives in a land of subjectivity (let’s call it America) where there are “50 shades of gray” to every issue, then the person must accept that good and truth are only a matter of opinion for the individual. How is law to be determined? How is justice to be meted out with any consistency? How is fair and unfair to be determined? Unless there is an objective measure of truth to guide a man or a people, only feelings of the dominant mob can rule. In such a time as this, the law of the land is not a firm and unchanging to steadying force. The law in this day must bend to the loudest voice. It does not persuade on the merits of the argument, because 50 shades of gray means no one is right. So the question is only who has the most power, influence (not intellect), by fear, shame, and punishment. The earth is ordered, which means is represents the order and design of the Creator. In creating humankind and everything else, there is law that governs. There are physical laws to govern how things work in the physical realm. There is moral law to govern the individual. It is why man has a conscience to help the man internally to do right and to avoid wrong. Everything is not a sea of grays. There is right and wrong. There is left and right. There is up and down. There is good and there is evil. There is human wisdom and there is heavenly wisdom. There is a wide way and a narrow way. In the world today our children are turned over to the amoral system that passes down edicts on what they may be taught and what they may not be taught. God is, of course, excluded from the dialogue. By excluding God, the children must be taught the order they see arose from disorder. Children must learn that everything is random and morality is whatever you wish it to be. And in the world, the morality of the godless disorder has only one Law: accept our view, do not question us, or we will destroy you because it turns out, our truth is right and yours is not. A broken world needs objective truth, uncompromising and unyielding truth, now more than ever. – Dan Mayfield

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