There is no reason to think that morals and atheism can connect. Pure materialism has no explanation for there to be a moral code of right and wrong. If you say you believe in God and you believe evolution explains life, you believe in a fallacy that is godless and void of morals. God and morals is incongruous with a philosophy for life that is godless. “But atheist swear to God they are moral.” The only explanation for there being a moral atheist is that he or she has absconded with the morality of religion and claimed it their own. They might to some degree ” moral”, but they can’t explain where they got it from. A person who believes Darwinism is science and also believes in God, has to believe in a god that made by the world. Do you know what causes inner turmoil that often bubbles up into anxiety attacks and psychosis (describe conditions that affect the mind, where there has been some loss of contact with reality)? The definition of psychosis has the answer. Why? Because you are necessarily a realist who believes there are things that are real and true. But the moment you accept in your mind a philosophy that is an unproven theory which necessarily conflicts and contradicts the reality (of God and morals), you have the makings of a psychosis.

Jesus said not to be anxious in Matthew 6. Don’t worry about food or drink, or what you will wear because God will take care of you. The incongruity of believing in God and being anxious is obvious: the anxious person isn’t – at least for the moment – trusting in God.

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