To deliver thee from the strange woman, even from the stranger which flattereth with her words ” (Proverbs 2:16).


The flesh has many commodities to peddle. And with every transaction in evil, you cannot get good. Sooner or later, when we indulge the flesh, we reap a whirlwind to the flesh. Solomon didn’t follow his advice to his son, but we should. The temptation of the wayward woman is the cunning use of her “gifts” to reap something to herself. She doesn’t give herself away for free. Even if it appears it is a give and take of mere amorous affection, she will want more. Why? Because it will become apparent that she has given more than even she bargained for.

This extra cost to the temptress will become apparent to the one caught in the trap. The prostitute charges for more for the initial rendezvous, because she has given more. She has given up her name and reputation. These are costs to her beyond the mere hour of pleasure. She is giving up her future prospects for settling down and having a family.

The temptress is rarely happy to only get a few dollars up front and to leave it at that as she will realize the costs to her have been greater than the energy and pleasure she gives in a moment. So sooner or later, she will demand full payment. And full payment could even be the life, family, happiness, livelihood, and health of the one who fell into her trap.

“For jealousy enrages a man, And he will not have compassion on the day of vengeance.” Pro. 6:34.

No man can say when arrested or destroyed, but I paid up front the total cost for the indiscretion. No one will accept the man’s cries that this is an injustice. What he failed to recognize is that the costs are greater than the pay he gave up front.

Sex has been peddled from the beginning, no doubt, when man turned away from God. When God destroyed the world in Noah’s day, along with the other sins, there was no doubt the prostitute doing her business.

The law of nature says ‘with every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction’. The law of God is a little different. It says ‘you will reap what you sow.’ But like the law of reaping and sowing that promises an abundance of fruit from the planting of a fraction of the fruit, so a man who reaps what he sows, reaps an abundance of trouble from a little sin. This is unavoidable. “They sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” Hos. 8:7.

The point is again made that if you yield to the temptation of the temptress, the costs will be greater than you can imagine.

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