When my children married, we didn’t lose a member but gained a member of the family. If you raise your children to wait for the one God has prepared for them, no one will regret the outcome. Parents, teach your children from the youngest age to seek a mate who loves God first. If the person loves the Lord first, your child will be loved second and that’s better than anything.

Years ago when one of my girls was just a young teen, a boy at church camp was hanging around and they were liking each other. But I knew he wasn’t the one and I told my daughter he wasn’t the one. He would not sing praises to God when all of the rest of the children were singing. That was just one clue that his heart was already moving to the carnal state he eventually proved to align with. He should have loved God at that tender age. But he did not and he was outwardly showing it. So the question to my child was an easy and obvious one, “why does he not sing? Does he not love God? Does he not believe?” Now kids can fool you, but they aren’t as good at hiding their true self the way adults are. Adults may sing and still not mean it.

Marriage is God’s will and it must be entered thoughtfully. A young person cannot have happiness when they marry someone who is not committed to truth. Is the young man an open minded man, meaning is he a liberal weenie? He’s not going to be the husband God wants him to be. Is the young lady an enlightened feminist? She won’t be the godly helpmeet God designed the woman to be. Marriage is the second greatest covenant you will enter. You cannot, must not be unequally bound or something will break – it might be the marriage or it might be your faith. But something will break unless you marry in the Lord.

Don’t tell me that your marriage worked out or that you know someone who married someone who wasn’t a Christian because those successes are fraught with extra trouble if they survive and most of them end in disaster.

“Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?” 2 Cor 6:14.

Marriage is a beautiful thing if entered prayerfully and thoughtfully. A godly father will never support a marriage he knows is a disaster. Stand up father’s and lead your children to do it right. You have the experience and the authority to forbid such a monumental thing if you know it is a mistake.

I say this to the young fathers. You will do well to make it a priority in training your children to emphasize marrying the right person. God bless you.

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