“Train up a child in the way he should go…” I can tell that many parents think this means to be at church once or twice a week and make sure Junior goes whether he likes it or not. I’m serious. And this kind of parent thinks I must be against going to church to imply this is entirely the wrong approach. Then again, this same parent is going to have trouble getting the child to do anything he should want to do. Foolishness, the Bible says, is bound up in the child. A spiritual parent knows how to shepherd the child into the best pastures. But this parent will struggle with filling this role and will instead always be pleading with the child, “please child, won’t you do what you should?!” Most parents in this model know what to do, but they won’t do it. And they have the power to do it, but like Eli the priest, they won’t do it. But watch these parents and learn that they do exercise their power to make Junior do what they really feel strongly about. Indeed, they will stop the earth on its axis and will make the wind reverse its coarse with the power they have to make Junior do what they feel strongly about. Oh how I wish young parents would learn the simple lesson I am sharing here. Will they do whatever they have to do to for their children’s souls?

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