Years ago I remember hearing a Christian read the words of Jesus from the Gospels. The tone of the reading did not fit what I thought would be Jesus’ tone and it made me wonder if Jesus wouldn’t tell him, “I didn’t say it like that.”

Does our life illustrate God to others?

An example came to mind of a father telling his older child to go and call the younger siblings to come inside for dinner. The child went out and started screaming and being harsh to the little ones, saying, “Dad said you have to come in!” The dad overheard this and thought, “I didn’t say it like that.” That’s just an example, but one that shows how the messenger can get in the way of portraying what the father says. And so I ask, are we living and speaking in a way that doesn’t get in God’s way? Are we portraying our Father in heaven as we should?

On Sunday night bible class, my son-in-law reminded the class that we are not to get in the way of God. When we are bad examples for the lost, we are a hindrance to Jesus reaching the lost. Jesus reminded the disciples to not hinder little ones from coming to him by inserting their own views on who is worthy to be brought to him. I think all of this fits in the warning to not get in God’s way.

The class last examined 2 Timothy 2. I was both lifted up by the encouragement to be faithful to God, but I was also reflective and meditative on the text as it challenged me to consider my own example. I need to reexamine my example of getting involved in the things of this world which distract me from God’s things. In God’s wise plan of saving souls, his children and their example is integral to it. Can God say, “look at my servant Chas” the way he ought to be able to do? Anyway, the text from last night’s class made me reflective so that I had to write it down this morning.

I sincerely hope these words this morning will help you as they have helped me.

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