YOU  are being conditioned and programmed to accept the next frontier of destroying humankind.

Would you be a bigot if your forbade your son or daughter from marrying a pig boy? Would it be a crime for science to make human GMOs?  Would you become a non Genetically Modified Humans advocate?

Ever since H.G. Wells’ book The Island of Dr Moreau where the doctor created his hybrid children who are human-like animals, the fear has been this would be a reality. 

I saw that a young man was watching an anime type show where the hybrid human/animals are under attack by the humans. The chimeras are the poor downtrodden while the humans are the evil bigots.  Do you think the narrative is innocent and pure fancy?

What is good must be destroyed: this is a maxim the devil works by. Name anything made by God and the devil will malign, pervert, coopt, soil, or destroy it. The human is the pinnacle of God’s creation as man alone is made in the image of God. This must be destroyed says the devil. 

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