My Father who is in heaven. Holy God, I give you thanks. My heart is filled with appreciation for the good grace you have showered upon me and this world. Especially have you shown to us all your love by giving your Son to die and take our punishment. Because we believe, you removed or guilt.

We need your help. You say we may “approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”

You are the God of comfort who comforts the grieving. We pray for you to comfort the grieving. We bring to you our cares, our fears, our needs, because You care for use. You allow for us to confidently come before you now.

Lord, I pray to listen more for your guidance so that my life is becoming a pleasing sacrifice to You. Teach me Lord what is not in line with your will. Teach me the lesson to act only when and where you have directed me to live.

We are happy to be called your children and to know you as our Father. We are happy to worship you and proclaim your truth. We submit our lives to you to do your will. Show me where my walk is not yet perfected. Take hold of our hands, feet, mouths, eyes, and minds to do your will in this world.

Because you are the Almighty God, and we are your creatures, we worship you and none other. We pray that our prayers, requests, songs, preaching, and all we have done today is pleasing to You.

We pray that the Gospel will be lived through us, and proclaimed by us. We know You desire all to be saved. And you call on us to proclaim Your name to the world.

Protect us from evil. Deliver us from temptation. Prick us when we stray. Gives us your wisdom.

Thank you for hearing us. Amen

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