The Hebrews writer compared Old Testament things to New Testament things. In Hebrews 12 he compares the terrifying events Israel experienced when God gave the law to Moses to the glorious things before us Christians. In verse 24 he says the blood of Christ speaks better things than the blood of Abel.
How so? When Cain killed his brother Abel, God said to Cain that Abel’s blood cried out to God from the ground. The murder called for Justice. But Jesus sprinkled blood cried for better things like forgiveness and mercy.

Give some thought to what God has done to save men through His only Son. We stand in awe.
Like the denominational ideas of faith alone doctrine, and original sin or hereditary sin, so the idea that you must immediately forgive regardless of what the other person says or does, has permeated Christendom and has seeped into the Church of Christ as well.
Jesus said, If you forgive, they are forgiven; if you don’t forgive, they are not forgiven. John 20:23 What does that say to the idea that all sin is to be forgiven?

No one wants to answer. The “you must forgive regardless of anything the guilty party is or has done” flies in the face of how God deals with sin. Luke 17:3-4 says “if he repents, forgive him”.

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