Roy Baker long ago said, “In Ezek. 13 the false prophets were prophesying lies, telling the people, “thus saith the Lord”, when the Lord had not spoken. They were preaching “peace” and there was no peace (vs 10). Israel was in rebellion against God and the false prophets were building them up with a wall of false hope daubed with untempered mortar. In other words, they were building a flimsy building and whitewashing it to deceive the people.”

We are living in times where Christians must study deep or else be misled. We have to know the truth or we will be deceived by any of a multitude of lies. Take a look at and meditate on God’s Word and yourself to it every day.

Categories: Commitment, faith in God, Faithfulness, Guard the heart, persevere, preparedness, scripture, suppressing the truth

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