2nd Amendment and Morals underpinning it. The right for the people to keep and bear arms is the acknowledgment that it is right for people to defend themselves against enemies foreign and domestic.

Liberals who try to outlaw guns know this isn’t just a “right” to be given a gun by the government when the government says to start shooting. This is individual rights that the government shall not infringe upon. Liberals pay for their guards while telling the rest of the people to turn in their equalizers. Liberals rooted for the Ukrainians who had guns being handed out to them when the Russians invaded.

The right to protect myself is sacred. The right to protect my family is sacred. The right to gird up my loins and oppose the enemies of God is sacred. Just know that the people who want to take away gun rights are the same ones who have gated communities with guards. These people contradict themselves. But of course, they don’t care about your life.

I’ll tell you a pet peeve of mine is when parents tell their little child to turn their cheek when being bullied on the playground. How about I come to your house and take your guns and your fishing poles! And you had better turn the other cheek. Understand, I’m not mocking what Jesus said. But Jesus did not mean for your children to stand there and take it. So what did Jesus mean? Jesus meant to never yield. Jesus meant to defy the government or religious powers who tell you to deny your faith.

If you think ‘turn the other cheek’ means retaliate not, then be sure not to call 911 or take the person to court. No no, you have to be consistent and take it. If you think turning the other cheek means sitting idly by while the bad guy smacks your child or touches your wife, you are an idiot and a coward. There! I said it. And I think I may be getting close to the real excuse for not self-defense. Fear. Fear masked in virtue.

We think about the Founding Fathers of our nation (USofA) as being religious with a belief in the God whose Son is Jesus. That is pretty well founded by the writings of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson – no, they didn’t believe in a deistic god who cares nothing for the affairs of men, or they wouldn’t have prayed. And so when they wrote the Amendments to the Constitution, they were rooted in Christian virtues. You have the right to defend you home.

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