“5Evil people do not understand justice, But those who seek the LORD understand everything”, Pro 28:5

God understands justice. My name is Daniel and the Hebrews means, ‘God is Judge’. He punishes evildoers and He blesses those who do right. Proverbs says those who seek the LORD understand it all. But why do evil people not understand?
Justice is about deciding what is right and wrong, good and evil. Proverbs says there are ‘evil people’, not just that there is evil and good things. It follows that evil people do evil things. And being evil makes justice confusing and not understandable.

Justice, like Truth and Light and Good, is the default position of the universe. ‘Evil’ cannot stop the stars from declaring the glory of God. The world operates according to immutable laws. Light is the rule, and darkness the exception, being only the absence of light. Good also stands on it’s own, so that even ‘evil people’ will confess that lying, cheating, stealing, etc, are evil. I would call these things ever-present positives which evil is always swimming in. Ever-present things are everywhere, ubiquitous.

When evil is present, it has to disguise itself as one of the ever-present positives because it otherwise is recognized as undesirable and lacking virtue. If they called it “Choose Death” instead of “Choice”, they would be truthful, but that would be too obvious. And so they have to misname every position they have.
The ‘evil people’ are the ones who therefore speak of free speech, but they do not mean it. They speak of love, but theirs is perverse. They speak of freedom, but jail anyone who opposes them. “But, your so-called good people also jail and silence those who oppose them.” ‘Evil people’ abuse the good tools for maintaining polite society to control and bludgeon those who oppose their evil.

This is where the ‘evil people’ do not understand justice. Justice is just one more thing to be perverted. They pervert when life begins. They pervert family. They pervert marriage. They pervert education and make it all about indoctrination. God said to be fruitful and multiply, but they want control and de-population. God wants evil people to be punished, but ‘evil people’ want their opponents in jail.

There is justice and it has to punish evildoing and has to bless those who do right, (1 Pet 2:14; Rom 13:3-4). If you live a life of ‘love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control’, there is no law against these, (Gal. 5:23). But if you do evil, be afraid, because the wrath of God is being stored up against these, (Romans 2:5). When good people are doing what is right, there is no need for them to disguise their deeds because they are perfectly aligned with the voice of God.

When those who are evil protest that their silencing of their opposition is no different than good people silencing their opposition, they have a confused and inverted idea of justice. They do not understand it. Their justice is nakedly contrary to justice. It is why they put gag orders on their opponents from speaking. It is why they overpopulate media and positions of power so as to control the narrative. It is why they rewrite history and have speech police. Truth is their kryptonite. Truth exposes them and so the voice and mention of God must be silenced. His Bible is not allowed in the schools. No mention of God is allowed in the high places. The mention of God is fast becoming labeled as ‘hate speech’. This is how ‘evil people ‘ work to confuse people. Good people keep saying that it is not ‘hate speech’ to speak the truth.
In Isaiah we see the prophet saying, ‘Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.’ Isa. 5:20.

When justice, truth, good, and light are not inverted like this, the judgements being made a aligned with the ever-present things of God. But ‘evil people’ have inverted truth and goodness which causes it to always be swimming in a sea of opposition.
So why aren’t the ever-present truths obvious to ‘evil people’ so that they come to their senses and align themselves with the ever-present things? Because they love the world and they are first and foremost interested in satisfying their own impulses. They are sensual beings. They need pleasure. They need to feel good. They are selfish. They may disguises all of this about them. Most of they time they must disguise their true self because they would otherwise being naked and exposed for being evil.

When people are sensual and fleshly, to do what is just and right would be contrary to their selfish interests. And so they blind their own minds to truth. They lie and pretend to be just. But they cannot do what is just except as a disguise.

They may be perverts but they dress up with a smile. They may lovers of pleasure, but they put on a good show and live a double life. Eventually they become known because they get caught: it’s difficult to maintain the mirage when you live in a sea of ever-present truths of God.

I have probably written too many words. There is a logical reason that ‘evil people’ do not understand justice. They could understand it if they were not so selfish and carnal and fleshly. They are oriented towards evil and they know their enemy is the things of the spirit, the things of God. Whatever judgments they make, therefore, will be exactly the opposite of justice.

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