The mind is active during sleep. As the devil can tempt in the day, the devil can tempt in the night dreams. Pray for your spirit to be strong even in your dreams to tell the devil to be gone and depart from you.

Dreams can be the gateway to departing from God. “Yet in like manner these people also, relying on their dreams, defile the flesh, reject authority, and blaspheme the glorious ones.” Jude 1:8. The ESV says they rely on dreams.

Most of the time when I waken from a dream, I think about what nonsense it was. But the nightmares are not about zombies and monsters hiding under the bed; my nightmares are about getting trapped in some way by evil. When I wake up, going through the twilight between sleep and awake, there is the slow realization that it wasn’t real and thank God.

I think about people who say they were told in a dream to do something and they listen to the dream! I wonder about people who proclaim that things happened, who may have only dreamed it. They let the ‘event’ remain in the mind without processing it and putting it in the nonsense dream category of their mind.

We need to live in the real world and keep dreams clearly separated from the real. One way to do this is to talk to God and ask for His help to keep fact and fiction clearly delineated in the mind.

In the daytime, it’s 0k to ‘dream’ in a way of thinking about the future. But don’t stay in the dream. Live and work and think on the present and leave the rest in God’s hands. And when you awaken from the nightmares, talk to God and ask if there’s something to learn, something to do or not do, something to avoid in life.

I hope this doesn’t sound like rambling. Be holy in all of your thoughts. Pray even to be holy in your dreams. Stay close to God and give the devil no entrance into your life.

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