Baptism is the place of receiving saving grace. It implies you must first be lost. Baptism is not for the saved. Baptism requires faith, repentance, commitment, confession. Unless you believe children need to be saved, you understand children are innocent to God. Until a person can know and trust, cannot make a commitment to be a disciple. If a person wants to be baptized, he isn’t an accountable person if he is still a child. The demarcation line is adulthood. Children aren’t candidates for baptism because Jesus said they are how the adults are to become. Stop baptizing children. Stop baptizing little boys and girls who still color and play with legos during worship. The Bible says men and women were being saved. The Bible doesn’t mention babies or children as being the type of people who need to be baptized. Stop baptizing children. THE SAVED DON’T NEED YOU TO SAVE THEM.

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  1. God wants to give us His Life in addition to natural to life. This life begins through Baptism. “Let the Children come to me do not hinder them” is Christ’s command to us. Preventing this is the hindering that Christ does not desire.


    • Baptism is the place of salvation. Since the kingdom of heaven is made up off those who are like children, and since it is adults who need to become like them, they don’t need baptism to be brought to Jesus. Since they aren’t lost, they don’t yet need to be saved. Infant and child baptism is a man’s invention to remedy the supposed inherited sin.
      Thank you for commenting. DM


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