Before our very eyes, we are seeing how a city like Sodom could be realized. All it takes it the rejection of God and thus the rejection of norms. This “trans” thing is an attack on the woman.

I’ve not see the man, but I would bet that many males are enticed. I know, sickening, but the devil must upend all norms. Isaiah 5 says judgment is coming on those who make evil to be good, and good to be evil.

The attack on womanhood is a full out war. It began first by women abandoning their God given roles, claiming to be able to do whatever a man does. Not true. And it’s not true a man can do anything a woman does. Each sex, male and female, has it’s own qualities. Stepping outside of God’s norms, opens the door for imposters. A male running in a female’s race is unfair. A male wrestling females is an unfair advantage, and someone’s going to be hurt. Societally or culturally, the female is hurt on a mass scale. I’m not for pageants but outward beauty is just another way the godless left is attacking the female. Pretty soon, the biological female will be relegated to second class as the cultural elites promote everything trans.

What is happening is in your face evil.

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