“…we will not give our daughters to the peoples of the land or take their daughters for our sons.” Neh 10

In Ezra we see how the people were entangled in unlawful marriages. It caused incredible sin and distress. They actually had to put away the sinful marriages.

Parents, if you are going to teach your children ANYTHING, teach them the importance of marrying well. This does not mean encouraging your son to marry to prettiest or your daughter to marry the richest. It’s about faith and values and being a conservative. Your children must not marry a non-believer and not even a person in a denomination. Marry people who have a like faith as ours. Marriage is a covenant, a contract, and special agreement that ties two together for life. For two to become one flesh, they cannot be an amalgamation of gold and clay.

So parents, do not give your daughters to the nations. Parents, instruct your children to love God and to love what is true. As the Jews only marry Jews, Christians must only marry Christians.

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