The people in Nehemiah heard Ezra read and expound on the Scriptures for several hours! Neh 8:3.

I heard a Christian tell the addage in title of this post more than once as support that a sermon needs to be shorter, not longer. I replied, nah, and I reminded him peoples’ butts can endure a 2 hr movie or a three hour sporting event. This man is a big believer in education, and apparently had not thought how long a modern college class lecture can be. My view is that desiring short sermons is more a spiritual problem when a Christian can’t endure a 45 minute sermon.

I think a 20 minute sermon should be called a sermonette. The spirit needs 20 minutes just to get warmed up. The church does not bow to modern “theory” on speeches and lectures. What Bible verse says an effective sermon starts with a humorous entry, a central idea, followed by 3 points and a closing summation? We have become slaves to the modern world! Just preach like Jesus.

So when my brothers, who I love and would be loathe to hurt their feelings, says such things about what the butt can endure, I challenge them to rethink their position.

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