The Glenn Beck movie NEFARIOUS is chilling. At the end of the movie, while still in the movie seat, I led a prayer with Hazel, my wife. And I’ve never done this before, but I stopped a man and woman as they were departing and asked could we pray, that I felt the need to pray. We all four bowed and prayed in Jesus name for God’s divine protection from the devil as we draw near to God.

“Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” 1 Pt 5:8

The movie is chilling to think of the devil’s influence on people who deny God and are open to doing what they want to do. Man must not yield to evil; must not do anything to allow the devil have entry into his house.

One of the devil’s effective lies is convincing people he and evil do not exist. It is effectively deciding you can do anything since there is no evil. In the movie, the psychiatrist who interviews the man on death row for doing heinous crimes, proclaims himself to be an atheist. At one point in the movie, the demon bargains with the atheist that he will answer a question if the atheist will invite him to indwell him. The demon says, if you are right then there’s nothing going to happen. But it was a trick and the psychiatrist said, OK, come in me. And nothing happened. The psychiatrist said, see, you appear to have no ability you claim to. The demon said, I just accomplished my first goal. The point is real that the devilish influence must be invited.

The Bible says, for good reason, to resist the devil firm in your faith, and draw near to God. Anything we do that is not resisting the devil is giving the devil an inch and a place in our lives.

The movie is so chilling because it is deadly serious. I will continue to pray for Hazel, Corey, Jordan and myself. I will continue to pray for my children and grandchildren because the devil is always looking for an entry into our lives.

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