I believe men are responsible for the mental health of women and girls. If men are weak, the women will be weaker. Strong men who are moral will produce women who are emotionally strong. An interesting song by John Mayer says to fathers to be good to your daughters because they will love like you do. A brother that is self-interested and silly, all caught up in nonsense things of this world, and one that may outwardly be macho, is often just a pushover. I have observed the phenomenon where a man has calloused hands and can skin a buck, but he is never gonna win an argument with his wife. He is spiritually weak and she refuses to be a submissive wife. This relationship is a recipe for emotional problems through the home. A man has to have a voice. A man has to have convictions. He cannot be the kind that just goes along with the mainstream narrative (now more than ever we know we are being propagandized from every corner). He needs to be just and kind and considerate. And when it comes to his marriage, the man needs to be right some of the time, if not all of the time.When it comes to morality and leading his family, weak men will produce weak women. His daughters will be emotionally unstable. His wife will suffer under his instability. It is all so unnecessary. The world needs strong men. Statistics have shown that the faithfulness of children, I’m talking about faithfulness to God, depends almost 100% on the faithfulness of fathers. I’m not suggesting that women are not important, not at all, but the father is indispensable. Without a strong spiritual leader in the home who is a man, the chances are high the children will be spiritually weak and emotionally unstable.I’m obviously speaking in generalities, and there are exceptions. I’m telling the hard truth here. I’m telling the truth here that the majority of women will object to, and because the women do, their husbands will object to also.

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